About Us

Our history and our current function

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Our History

Leo's Childcare Resource Library (LCRL for short) was established on November 30, 2020. LCRL started out as a community swap group called that was originally called Kidstuff Whyalla.

Although it began as a facilitated swap service, it quickly became obvious that a different operating format was needed in order to clarify the group's purpose.

The group went on hiatus in early October and re-opened on November 16, 2021.

Physical Location

The Library has been run from Leo's home in Whyalla from the beginning, with a secondary contact point available in Port Augusta.

The current physical location of The Library is the garage in Leo's back yard.

Our physical address is 33 Thomas Street, Whyalla Stuart. The public is welcome to visit on a Thursday or Friday by appointment only.

What we offer


The primary focus of The Library is the library. Much like a traditional library, you can sign up (for free) and then 'check out' the items you need.


There is no specific due date on items, but it is expected that they will be returned as soon as you no longer need them so that the next person can borrow them.



From time to time we receive donations of formula, nappies, and other consumables. If you choose to accept these items you will not be expected to replace them, but we will require you to sign a form stating that they were "in date" and sealed when you received them.

The Shop

From time to time we will have items available for purchase. These items have been purchased with the intent to sell and have not been donated to the Library.

About Leo










Leonie Harris is a 40-year-old woman who was born in Whyalla and has lived here almost her whole life (except for a few years in Cessnock, NSW)

Leo is a single mother of two, and works around her family. This means she is only available on set days at set times because her children are still quite young.

Leo lives with several disabilities (psychiatric and physical) but describes herself as a career volunteer; despite being unable to maintain conventional employment, she likes to "give back" to the community.

Leo started The Library as a way to keep busy while helping others.