Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the full membership criteria?

  • You must live in the service area.

  • You must be a parent, caregiver, or someone who regularly helps with the care of a child up to 12 years old (including pregnancy from the second trimester).

  • You must complete a membership form and agree to the terms and conditions.

Is there an income limit?
No. The Library is open to anyone regardless of income status.

How much does it cost to join?
Nothing. Membership is free.

Can I sign up on behalf of someone else?
No, but you can sign up and clarify that you are acting on behalf of someone else (a proxy) if they prefer to be anonymous.

Can an agency or community group sign up as a member?
Absolutely! People who access an agency or community group for support are likely to prefer anonymity. Agency membership will allow the required anonymity.
We will require evidence that you are permitted to act on behalf of the agency or group.

Do I have to be a member to borrow items?
From November 16, 2021, yes you do.

I joined the site/Facebook group/Facebook page. Can I borrow stuff?
No, site membership and social media is for the social aspect of The Library and is open to everyone.
If you wish to borrow items you must sign up as a member of The Library and meet eligibility requirements.

Borrowing Items

How do I borrow items?
You have a few choices. You can request an item to be delivered (random selection), you can make an appointment to come and browse, or you can request a specific item and request delivery.


How much does delivery cost?
If you are in the service area, delivery is free. If we have to make a detour to deliver to you (ie Jamestown), delivery will be calculated based on 20c per kilometre from the nearest service town to your specific address, according to Google Maps.


Can I choose the item I receive from a variety of options?
Where possible, yes. This is one of the reasons for the format change. However, we will always give priority to someone who requires a specific item before offering it to someone who simply wants it.


I borrowed an item that now has special meaning to me. Can I keep it?
Discuss this with us, and typically we will work something out that allows you to keep sentimental items (like the first suit your baby wore). We're parents, we understand.

How do you keep track of what's loaned out?
Larger or specific items such as prams or cots or mechanical rockers, etc, will be tagged and assigned an item number that will be recorded on your files.
Smaller items or those prone to wear and tear (such as clothes and sheets) will be recorded as a quantity and a general description, ie "1 bag boy's size 4 Summer clothing". As long as the returned item matches the general description it will be fine.

Everything else

Where does stuff in The Library come from?
Generous donors, mostly.
Typically parents donate items that their kids have outgrown.
Sometimes local businesses or groups will donate things they think we can use.
We also accept monetary donations that allow us to buy items (such as clothing that's on sale).

Can I purchase items from the library?
If the item was purchased by The Library then yes, you may buy it.
If the item was donated to The Library then no, you cannot buy it.


How can I donate items my kids have outgrown?
If it's smallish you can just drop it off in the wooden box on the verandah. Please let us know via text or email that you did.
If you can't drop off or the item is large or complicated, feel free to request a pick up. This won't cost you anything.


I borrowed an item and it got broken/damaged/stolen/etc. Will I be penalised?
Assuming you have taken reasonable steps to take care of it, we'll just chalk it up to incidental loss. Things happen.
If your budding Van Gogh decided to decorate it, we'll probably just consider it as "having character".
If you have left it outside in the weather or in easy reach of opportunitistic thieves, etc, we will ask you to contribute something to The Library to make up for it.
We're not here to make life hard, but it is expected that you will take reasonable care of items loaned to you.