Important Notice

Membership is currently closed because the Library is not currently active. Leonie has had to step back for personal reasons and at present there is nobody available to take her place.

It is expected that the Library will resume operation in the future but there is currently no expected date for this to occur.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

All items currently in stock are in the process of being donated to a local charity op-shop for distribution according to their policies.

Terms and Conditions

​By applying to join the library, you indicate that you agree to the following terms of service:

  • That all questions are answered truthfully and that eligibility criteria has been met (location, childcare status),

  • That you understand the following conditions:

    • Any item loaned to you by the Library will remain property of the Library, and

    • You will take reasonable care of all loaned items, and​

    • You will return loaned items when they are no longer needed, and

    • You will not sell or pass on any loaned item, and

    • You will notify the Library as soon as possible of any loss or damage involving a loaned item.

  • That you agree to replace or reimburse any item that is maliciously damaged or that is damaged due to improper care, use, or storage (if in doubt about any of these, talk to us),​

  • That you will treat anyone associated with the Library with respect and dignity,

  • That you will follow proper conflict resolution channels if needed, and

  • That you will respect the privacy of staff and members and not divulge any information learned during normal Library function (such as information overheard), and

  • That you will follow any reasonable instruction while on Library grounds.